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Lyrics: Charles, John, Aziz


I don’t know

But if I could be happier before

If I tried

I wanna know

Why should I be

Calling all my sadness to stay

When you are there

And I hope therenwill be even more

I won’t look back again



I think about you

I think about you

I think about you, me and everything

I see in my own dreams

I’ll run to you…


Something there in between

Calling out my name

Why should I care

For all the things I wanted more

Even more


You don’t say you’re leaving

Everything you see

Down on my knee

To a beautiful life

You fall on your feet

And you can’t let go

You didn’t


Leave, I think of those beautiful colourful flowers

And you come to me

And I hope you’ll find it too

I can’t feel you

I can’t make it right arrgghh…



Lyrics: Charles


I feel life

I feel wonderful

I guess I’m just doing fine

Found a place called home


Then I saw you

Sitting by the crowded beach, how I wished

The colour of this life seems bright

Got to have you


She said

She got to have me

Hold me close and let me touch you

Heavenly, automatic blow you away


Cos I can’t stay for now

Miracle on my side

Watch you play

Away it will be crush

Believe me I will make it last


She wanted me now

Is there a place for me anywhere?

I would rather be the one to hold

Believe me, I do


I’ll be the one hold you, hold you tight

Feeling kinda crazy

Thought you much

I’ll be the one hold you, hold you tight

Feeling kinda crazy

Thought you much and I won’t let it




Lyrics: Charles


If you got a tune?

What’s makes my world so happy

When I’m with you tonight

Maybe you’re cool

How could forget the sadness

Now that’s gone forever



Love is like falling rain


Are you happy?

Cos you, no one loves you in the dark

Crawling out, everything’s cool today


Sometimes when you down

Your vision starts explore the future

And not the past my friend

And if you find the truth

Believe me then maybe someday

Someday will come soon


Close your eyes

And you will find a better day

Deep inside

And you believe, everything change

All the really matter if you

If you’re happy


Are you really happy in love?



Lyrics : Charles


All alone

I’ve waited for

Now that I found you


Teardrops in my eyes


I’ll be your friend

for all these years

now that you found me

within my heart


and I

I want you by my side

I need you oh…

Look at the sun

Don’t let the rain falls down

And you

You want me

Don’t let the rain falls down…tonight



Lyrics: Charles, John, Aziz


Holding into my life

You really can’t make me waiting

It’s a life conclusion

Written in my name


I got used to sleeping

Daydreaming in the attic

I bet you used to think

That I’m so dramatic, dramatic


And if you caught me on TV

Well you think you can feel me now

Try to recognise all these move

If you caught me on the line

You think you can fool me now

Feel me…


IF ALL ELSE FAILS (Closing time) 

Lyrics: Charles


If only you give me time

I wouldn’t changed a thing

How I feel about you

But I won’t forgive you


I cry myself to sleep

I wished that I can see you

If time stand still

Time stand still


Forever, forever

Forever will be

Honestly, I picture you

I swear and I’m frightened

Cos I’m gonna miss you

Forever will be

Honestly I picture you


How could I ever been so fine

Cos every steps, you’re making me

Reminds me of you (and me)

The better days for instance

Why can’t you stay

Why can’t you try…


Forever will be

I can’t forget you

Forever will be

I can’t forgive you

It’s now closing time

It’s not too late

Baby please,

Don’t close your eyes…



Lyrics: Charles, John, Aziz


Sometimes we turned away

Without a doubt we say to ourselves

It’s easy just to run and hide

And forget what has been done

To realised the truth

Of this feeling

Sometimes we need to fight

To be stronger than before


So please

Wake me up, calm me down

Filled me up, let me go

I don’t want to be alone


How could I ever be the one

Black and white

Taste unpleasent kind

How could Imake you stand

Between the line



Lyrics: Charles, John, Aziz


Would you be mind?

Watching you go

Every little things you said

Come crashing my door

Well, headstrong

Never really thought it all

Everyone’s in turn


It’s gonna be okay

A world seems to have a hold on you

How could I make you understand

The distance is far

You…you could really have it all

You…you could really have it all



if you fall

I’ll be there to catch

Don’t let go

Can’t you feel

Thought of you inside me


Watching you stay

Makes our world so beautiful

Pictures everywhere and memories too

Hold on

We could really have it all

We could really have it all


If you want to…

…to have you

…to see me through

That I can’t have you

And you want to…oo



Lyrics: Charles


Voices to my ears

Travelling to my brain

Do I, do I listened?

Picture through my eyes

Turning upside down

Do I, do I see it coming?

Maybe I just wonder, wonder…


Waking up and moving

In a depth of my feeling sigh

It takes me to where I’ve been

And my words will be mine…

Be mine


Be mine tonight…


Calling out your name

Running after you

People stop the watching

Watching me and you

Holding you that’s matters..



Lyrics: Charles


All that I know

Just because we are

Perfectly friends

Friendship we hold

Yeah, we controlled the way

I’m too scared to say


Within my heart

I wished that I could feel you

To be with with you


The secret I hold

Noone will ever know

I’m thinking of you

Friendship we hold

Yeah, we’ll control the way

I’m too scared to say


Cos you don’t know

I wished that I

Could tell you

I really do

…only to myself