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April 07

It's been a while since the last update, huh?!. It's been a pretty busy year for nicestupidplayground. Taken a pretty sweet time off for a few months and we'll be back for a 10 th Aniversary Showcase sometime this year. Actual date will be confirmed. Maybe, just maybe we'll realease a 'Best Of...' compilation this year. Perhaps there'll be a new nicestupidplayground album by June next year. Maybe it'll be our last album...

April 06
The official preview of songs at the Loft, Zouk on 7 April 2006 was great although the band were unable to achieved targeted sales. A meeting to feature the band at Planet Holywood was held on 7 April 2006 and the showcase will kick off in June 06. The actual date will be announced later.

March 06
Red 104.9 is featuring 'nicestupidplayground special' on the highly graded show 'CLASH' by Daryl Goh and Zack Yusof. The show will be aired at 10 pm, 12 March 2006. A preview of some of new songs as well as nicestupidplayground's previous hits. Make sure you make a date with them.
Dec 05
nicestupidplayground 2nd full lenght album finally completed. Simply titled 'A Beautiful Life' featured ten new wave influenced tunes.Will be ready for sale in April 2006. Songs listed are 1. Beautiful Life 2.Miracle 3. Happy 4. Chasing Butterfly 5. Telecommusication 6. If All Else Fails 7. Stronger Than Before 8. Closer 9. My Teenage View 10. Because We Are.
It will be released under an independent label at a very limited amount and if you can't get it at your favourite record stores, then make sure you purchase them via mail order.

Nov 05
nicestupidplayground new album is finally completed. The soon-to-be-titled-album consists of ten new straight foward melodies and most of the new songs recorded are not as planned. 'Happy' and 'Miracle' are the only two songs taken form the outdated list. Dubbed as the new wave of Borneo Pop, their new sound are more towards the crispy sound of the early The Cure's 'Japanese Whispers',Happy Mondays, Kraftwerk, Soup Dragon, The Cars and even Japan. Due to be released by January 2006, perhaps earlier. At the moment, they're still negotiating a distribution deal with any proper record label.  
nicestupidplayground recently recruited a new guitarist, Nappy from the band called Radish Fan/Blue Wagon a Stone Roses, Chalatans influenced. He added a blended new sound to nicestupidplayground direction. Charles gave up his guitarworks and will only concerntrate on his vocals. So be sure to tune up to their new album which is due out early next year and be the first to experience the whole new sound of Borneo Pop.
Jan 05
The good news is finally here! nicestupidplayground will be in the studio in Feb 05 to record their second full-lenght album and the album is expected to be released sometime in June or July 05. Distributor to be decided later.

29 Dec 04
ROCK THE WORLD V, 18 December 2004 was great. An estimated crowd of 20,000 was definitely a rock show to be remembered. nicestupidplayground perform four songs which include the trademark song Bedroom Window and three new tunes which is yet to be recorded;Miracle, 1997 & Happy.

Their next appearance is at next year Band Fest 05 which will kick off at Dewan SUPP in Kuching 15 Jan 05. Be sure to tune in to their other new songs.

25 Nov 04
nicestupidplayground is currently working on the final arrangement of their songs which will be recorded sometime in January 04.

List some of the new songs includes Over My Shoulder, 1997, Happy, Miracle, So young, Blessed, All I Want Is You, Something Beautiful and Another Us.

A distribution label has yet to be announced as negotiation is still uncertain.

the first single 'beautiful life' from the new album 'a beautiful life' finally out 10 March. Released only for radio airplay.